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    Tianyuan Overseas Industrial Development Center is a sector of Tianyuan Industry which actively responds to the national "Belt and Road" strategy and opens up overseas markets. It is committed to investment in basic energy industry, trade in basic industry, industry consultation and so on. It set up the Indonesian Industrial Department, which is composed of Bakara Sustainable Energy Co., Ltd (Indonesia Joint Venture), Hong Kong (Indonesia) Shengfeng Bio-pesticide Company, Indonesia Yayuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

    Founded in 2010, Bakara Sustainable Energy Co., Ltd. is a joint venture with Indonesia. It is located in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, and mainly engaged in the development and operation of small and micro hydropower stations. At present, We has invested $30 million in the Aksilang II 2*5MW Hydropower Station in Indonesia, which has been officially connected to the grid. It is the first example of Chinese private enterprises investing in the small and medium hydropower industry in Indonesia.

    Hong Kong (Indonesia) Shengfeng Biological Pesticide Company was officially registered in Hong Kong in 2004 and its wholly owned subsidiary, Indonesia Shengfeng Biological Pesticide Corporation, was established in Jakarta, Indonesia in 2005. Shengfeng pesticide has 16 kinds of pesticide product qualification certificate and stable and strong customer group in Indonesia. It is   an important business segment of the overseas development strategy of the Industrial Group. The company will continue to cultivate the Indonesian pesticide market, expand its business scope and contribute to the development of the overseas market.

    Yayuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a foreign company registered in Indonesia in 2019 by Tianyuan Industrial Group, headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia. Relying on the strong R & D power and technical support of Tianyuan Industry, the company is committed to becoming the first large integrated veterinary drug company in Indonesia with pure Chinese medicine as the core and integrated import, production, processing, promotion and export business. The company has reported to the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture, including traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine, feed additives and a total of 16 products. Now it officially launched the sales of local veterinary drugs in Indonesia.

    Tianyuan Industrial Group is an enterprise with faith that listens to the party and follows the party. It is a caring and socially responsible enterprise. The group abides by the corporate mission of "serving the people's livelihood and contributing to the society", adhering to the business philosophy of "strenthening scientific management, building high-quality projects, creating high-quality services, and ensuring safety and efficiency". The group has formulated the "Six-Six Development Planning" in six stages from 2004 to 2040. Based on technological innovation, green environmental protection, serving the people's livelihood, the group is planning for the future of the enterprise, accelerating transformation and upgrading, promoting high-quality development, and realizing the bright dream of a century-old Tianyuan!

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