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Introduction to Henan Tianyuan Industrial Development Group

Henan Tianyuan Industrial Development Group Co. , Ltd. is a modern integrated enterprise group with multi-industry, multi-field and diversified operation, including gas comprehensive utilization, cogeneration of heat and power, bio-medicine, liberal education, international business, etc. , headquartered in East Riverside Road, Yuzhou. The existing employees more than 1000 people, the current Tianyuan industrial assets of 3 billion yuan. Has two doctoral research and development team, a post-doctoral workstation, 102 senior management personnel, 156 senior technical personnel.

Tianyuan industrial group consists of the chairman (president) office, "Three centres", "Five plates". The"Three centers" are the administrative center, the production and Operation Management Center, and the Financial Management Center. The"Five sectors" are the natural gas, natural heat, natural medicine, natural education and overseas sectors. It has established more than 20 subsidiaries, including Tianyuan Gas Group, Tianyuan Heat Energy Co. , Ltd. , Tianyuan Pharmaceutical Group, Overseas Industrial Development Center and Tianyuan School.


I. Tianyuan Gas Group

Tianyuan Gas Group has three parts: Yuzhou Petroleum and Natural Gas Co., Ltd., Yuzhou Tianyuan Natural Gas Engineering Co., Ltd., Yuzhou No.1 Thermal Power Plant LPG Co., Ltd.

Yuzhou Petroleum and Natural Gas Co., Ltd. was established in July 2001. It is a gas franchise enterprise authorized by Yuzhou Municipal people's Government. Yuzhou city natural gas transmission and distribution network project with investment of 220 million yuan is one of the natural gas utilization projects of the southern Henan branch line of the national "west-to-east gas transmission". The project mainly includes 58 kilometers of Changge-Yuzhou and Yuzhou-Shenhou long-distance high-pressure pipeline and construction projects such as Changge distribution station, Yuzhoumenzhan station, Shenhou pressure regulating station, Yingbei pressure regulating station, dispatching center and vehicle fueling station. The annual gas transmission capacity of pipeline filling station is 220 million cubic meters. On October 19, 2004, the gas source of "West-East Gas Transmission" was formally introduced into Yuzhou. After more than a decade of development, Gas networks spread across Yuzhou, urban and rural areas, laying nearly 200 kilometers high pressure pipe network of natural gas and more than 1000 kilometers low pressure pipe network of natural gas; more than 73,000 users of natural gas and more than 1,000 users of industry, commerce and public welfare. The number of natural gas taxis and buses is added to 1,600. It has built three LNG gasification stations and a distributed energy combined heat, power and cooling project. Yuzhou City is currently implementing the natural gas "Connecting villages, benefiting neighbors" project. In the near future, Natural gas clean energy will cover Yuzhou urban and rural areas, helping environmental improvement and economic development.

Yuzhou Tianyuan Gas Engineering Co. Ltd. was established in December 2009. It is mainly engaged in the natural gas pipeline construction and the instrumentation installation.

Yuzhou First Thermal Power Plant Liquefied Gas Co. Ltd. was established in May 2013. It is mainly engaged in the storage, filling and bottled sales of petroleum liquefied petroleum gas, sales of cylinders and stoves.


II.Tianyuan Thermal Energy Group

Tianyuan Thermal Energy Group has five parts: Xuchang Tianyuan Thermal Energy Co., Ltd (Yuzhou Biomass Power Plant), Yuzhou First Thermal Power Co., Ltd, Yuzhou Yuanyuan Heating Power Co., Ltd, Yuzhou Tianyuan Electricity Sale Co., Ltd, Yuzhou Tianyuan Transport Co., Ltd.

Tianyuan Thermal Energy Co., Ltd. (Yuzhou Biomass Power Plant) was located in the East Industrial Park of Yuzhou East Industrial Agglomeration Area. It was established in June 2015 and was converted into a biomass power plant in December 2020. The total investment is 156 million yuan. The construction scale is a new 75 t/h biomass boiler and two 35 t/h biomass boiler that was transformed from circulating fluidized bed boilers with the construction of 1×15 MW and 1×6 extraction condensing steam turbine generator sets and other supporting facilities. Its maximum  capacity of steam supply is 113 t/h. It can provide 119 KWh million of electricity and 180,000 tons of external steam supply each year. Annually, it processes 67,000 tons of Tianyuan Bio-Artemisia slag, 110,000 tons of crop straws, 80,000 tons of forestry waste and wood scraps, and 10,000 tons of combustible garbage for urban living .

Yuzhou First Thermal Power Co. Ltd. was established in 1986. It started power generation in 1987. It has a total installed capacity of 2×30 MW. It is responsible for the heating and heating production of civil and commercial uses in Yuzhou. 

Yuzhou Yuanyuan Thermal Power Co., Ltd. was founded in May 2003. It is an enterprise of operation and sales of heating, responsible for institutions, the other enterprises, and urban residential areas in heating. At present, the main heating pipe network has been laid 70.7 kilometers and the central heating area is more than 5.5 million square meters, covering more than 60% of the completed areas in Yuzhou urban area, which can ensure the central heating of Yuzhou resident areas and the heat demand of enterprises and institutions.

Yuzhou Tianyuan Electricity Sale Company was established in September 2015. It is a professional service company established by the Group in response to the reform of the country's power market, exploiting the marginal effect of the group's industry, and serving the public in Yuzhou. It mainly undertakes the purchase and sale of electricity, investment in distribution networks and operations as well as purchase and sale of coal, sales, heating, power equipment and materials.

Yuzhou Tianyuan Transport Co., Ltd. was established in July 2013. It is mainly engaged in the transportation of ordinary road cargoes and sales of auto parts.

III. Tianyuan Pharmaceutical Group


Tianyuan Pharmaceutical Group has seven parts: Yuzhou Tianyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Yuzhou Tianyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Henan Black Horse Animal Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Henan Province Zhongke Tianyuan Traditional Chinese Medicine Industry Research Institute Co., Ltd., Henan Tianyuan Haihui Pharmaceutical Research Co., Ltd., Yuzhou Tianyuan Traditional Chinese Medicine Planting Co., Ltd., Yuzhou Tianyuan Pharmaceutical Logistics Co., Ltd.

Yuzhou Tianyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is located in Huaxia XiaduMedicine City —— Medical and Health Industrial Park of Henan Province Yuzhou East Industrial Agglomeration Area. The company was established in December 2015. The total investment is 1.2 billion yuan, and the planned area is 300 mu. It is mainly engaged in the preparation and synthesis of Chinese medicine, chemistry, mixed medicine; the extraction and synthesis of plant extracts; the research and development, production and sales of Chinese medicine, chemistry, mixed medicine and plant extracts; the research and development, production and sales of plant essential oils, food, health food, household chemicals; the research and development, production and sales of active pharmaceutical ingredients, medical devices, and biological pesticides, import and export business of Chinese medicinal materials and agricultural and sideline products. And artemisinin raw materials are developed into synthetic products of artemisinin and derivatives of artemisinin essential oil.

In the first phase, the extraction of traditional Chinese medicine and the processing of traditional Chinese medicine pieces are the main processes, and the production line of artemisinin extraction with low energy consumption is built with an annual output of 60 tons that ranked first in the country. In the second phase, the main health projects are comprehensive preparations, new diagnostic reagents, nutrition and health care products and health care wine, which are with 1000 mu standard demonstration garden of planting traditional Chinese medicine.

The biotechnology project is divided into two phases. The first phase of the project focuses on the extraction of Chinese medicinal materials. It is currently the Chinese medicinal material extraction production line with the largest monomer extraction capacity in Henan Province. The extraction capacity of the artemisinin production line with an annual output of 60 tons ranks first in the same industry. The process improvement project in cooperation with Academician Zhang Suojiang of the Institute of Process Research of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has made the artemisinin automatic extraction production line a world-class; the second phase of the project is composed of comprehensive preparations, new diagnostic reagents, nutritional health products, health wines and other product projects. The main and supporting facilities has built a standard demonstration garden of 5,000 mu of Chinese medicinal materials. The company is the first company in the country to successfully cultivate Artemisia annua in the Huanghuai River Basin. It is a "high-tech enterprise", "Henan Artemisinin Extraction Engineering Technology Research Center", and "Chinese Academy of Sciences Joint Laboratory". At the 7th International Green Technology Organization Conference in July 2018, the artemisinin low-energy-consumption extraction process was awarded the "International Green Technology Achievement Award". The "artemisinin large-scale green production process" in 2019 officially passed the national appraisal, and the artemisinin extraction production line has been put into mass production.

Yuzhou Tianyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is located in the pharmaceutical industry park —— Yuzhou East Industrial agglomeration area, Henan Province. The company was founded in January 2017. It is mainly engaged in the acquisition and sale of Chinese medicinal materials; Chinese medicine pieces (net, cut, steamed, boiled, stewed, fried, broiled, charcoal, simmer, calcined) and traditional Chinese medicine formula granules production, processing, sales; Purchase and marketing of agricultural and sideline products; Health food sales; Production and sale of tea products and substitute tea; Import and export trade of goods and production and sale of toxic pieces (net, cut, steamed, boiled, grilled, fried) and directly oral pieces. The company has four modern automatic production lines, such as general pieces production line, linkage production line, toxic production line and direct oral production line ;the annual production capacity is 6000 tons of traditional herb pieces, 1100 tons of toxic Chinese medicine, 300 tons of direct oral tablets. After the completion of the technical transformation project of traditional Chinese medicine formula granules by the company and Shanghai University of traditional Chinese Medicine. It will form an annual production of 2000 tons of 280 kinds of traditional Chinese medicine formula granules, increase sales income of 1 billion yuan, and realize profits and taxes of 200 million yuan.

Henan Black Horse Animal Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is located in Huaxia Yaodu —— the West Industrial Park of Yuzhou Industrial Agglomeration Area, Henan Province. It is a modern dynamic insurance enterprise integrating the research and development, production, sales and service. The company has 12 production lines of powder, final sterilizing large volume non-venous injection, traditional Chinese medicine extraction, feed additive and feed premix, 6 national invention patents ,It has domestic advanced spray drying production line.

The company is a national high-tech enterprise in Yuzhou, an innovative pilot enterprise in Henan Province, and Henan Engineering and Technology Research Center for Chinese veterinary drugs. It has established a heavy ion irradiation Chinese herbal medicine breeding base in cooperation with Lanzhou Institute of veterinary medicine, Chinese Academy of Sciences. The company has been recognized as as "Henan Enterprise Technology Center "," Henan Postdoctoral Research and Development Base ","Henan Science and Technology small and Medium-sized Enterprises " and " Xuchang City-level Key Leading Enterprise of Agricultural Industrialization". It has established a doctorate workstation with the key Laboratory of New Veterinary Medicine Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. In June 2015, it established a joint laboratory in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Fisheries of the Republic of Sudan, which was recognized as the "Henan Province Sino-Soviet Dark Horse International Science and Technology Cooperation Base for Natural Veterinary Medicine". The cooperation between the company and the team of Professor Liang Jianping, an expert in the Hundred Talents Program of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, uses Artemisia annua extract in the prevention and treatment of animal intestinal parasites, especially the national three-class new veterinary drug Artemisia annua (medicine powder) developed for the prevention and treatment of coccidiosis in chickens. Obviously, the clinical expansion trial has been completed.

Adhering to the enterprise tenet of "serving agriculture and animal husbandry, green animal protection and healthy China ", the company insists on the development and application of new Chinese veterinary medicine products under the guidance of Chinese veterinary medicine theory. The unique style of Chinese veterinary medicine has gradually entered the mainstream market and entered the African and Southeast Asian markets.

Henan Province Zhongke Tianyuan Chinese Medicine Industry Research Institute Co., Ltd. is located in Huaxia Yaodu —— Henan Province Yuzhou East Industrial agglomeration area Pharmaceutical Health Industry Park. The company was established in November 2018. It is mainly engaged in artemisinin comprehensive utilization research and development; the research and development, service, technology transfer, achievements transformation of Chinese medicine industry technology; Chinese medicine technology foreign cooperation and exchange; Chinese medicine industry derivative incubation; the processing technology, technology development and research of Chinese medicine planting technology; the research and development, production and sales of medical equipment, plant essential oils, food, health products, household chemicals and new Chinese medicine products; the process design, quality standard formulation, production and sales of formula particles; the research and development, production and sales of active pharmaceutical ingredients and biological pesticides; industrial intelligence." Zhejiang University---Henan Technology Transfer Center Workstation", "Artemisinin Extraction and Biomass Utilization Joint Laboratory", "Tianyuan Medical Monitoring Center" have been established, and "Tianyuan Traditional Chinese Medicine Health Experience Hall" is under construction.

Henan Tianyuan  Pharmaceutical Research Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003, and located in High-tech Development Zone, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province. It is a large high-tech enterprise dedicated to the research and development of new drugs, health products, cosmetics, medical devices and other health-related products. It is a large-scale comprehensive contract research organization in China (CRO). Its business covers every aspect of drug intermediate research, pre-clinical research services, clinical research service agents, technology transfer services and registration consulting services for new drug development, providing the most standardized, professional and authoritative full-process gold medal service for drug development for pharmaceutical companies, pharmaceutical operating companies and other scientific research institutes.

Yuzhou Tianyuan Traditional Chinese Medicine planting Co., Ltd. was established in January 2017. It is mainly engaged in planting, purchasing, and selling Chinese medicinal materials, and conducting planting technology training and technical exchange services. The company established a planting cooperative in the form of "company + farmer + base" to guide farmers to plant more than 10,000 mu of Artemisia annua and Yuzhou authentic medicinal materials, and provide high-quality authentic medicinal materials for the extraction and processing of artemisia annua.

Yuzhou Tianyuan Medicine Logistics Co. Ltd. was established in October 2017 and is mainly engaged in proprietary Chinese medicines, Chinese herbal medicines, Chinese herbal medicines, chemical preparations, antibiotics, biochemical drugs, biological products (except vaccines), and psychotropic drugs (second category), sales of three types of medical devices, health foods, cosmetics, freight station operations (integrated logistics services). It builds an elevated intelligent warehouse of 5,000 square meters.


IV. Tianyuan Education

    Tianyuan Education is an education group established by Henan Tianyuan Industrial Development Group, which integrates full-time general primary school, junior high school, senior high school and vocational and technical education. At present, there are primary school, junior high school and senior high school departments of Tianyuan School. The first phase of school scale can accommodate 36 teaching classes and 1800 students. At present, there are 16 classes in the primary school department, 8 teaching classes in the junior high school department, and 6 teaching classes in the senior high school department. There are 1360 students and 147 teaching staff. In 2022, the school is transforming from ordinary primary and secondary schools to ordinary high schools. The school is located at No. 6, Park Road, Hancheng Office, Yuzhou City, covering an area of nearly 60 mu and a building area of 27500 square meters. With superior geographical location, convenient transportation and pleasant environment, the school is a smart park for students.

     The school takes "laying the foundation for students' lifelong development" as its purpose, comprehensively improving students' core quality as its guidance, and "establishing morality and cultivating people, being pragmatic and innovative, ambitious and down-to-earth" as its motto. It closely centers on the school running goal of "laying the foundation in one year, achieving results in two years, having characteristics in three years, and creating a famous school in five years", actively explores the path of teaching reform suitable for the development of the school, and creates an efficient classroom model with students as the main body, Set up a stage for each student to display their talents and take the road of characteristic development.

     The school has teaching buildings, office buildings, apartment buildings, experimental buildings, art and standardized restaurants, 400 meters of plastic runway and thermostatic swimming pool; The computer room, dance room, music, painting and calligraphy classrooms are complete, and modern teaching facilities are complete; All students' accommodation is provided according to high standards, which is green and environmentally friendly. The "two gas and one electricity" of natural gas, heating and self provided electricity provide living and learning security; The flag square and the green playground provide a spacious and safe venue for students. The developing Tianyuan School will continue to increase investment to meet students' learning and living needs with high standards and in an all-round way.

     Since running the school, the school has successively won the titles of "Yuzhou Advanced School of School Management", "Qualified Unit of Private School", "Yuzhou Food Safety Demonstration Unit of Catering Service", "Xuchang Price Integrity Unit", "Xuchang School of School Management Standardization", "Xuchang Model School of Earthquake Prevention and Disaster Reduction Science", "Second Prize of Yuzhou Mayor's Education Quality Award" in 2017 In 2018, it won the "Xuchang Intellectual Property Popularization Education Experimental Base", in 2019, it won the "Xuchang Teachers' School of Quality Education", in 2020, it won the "Second Prize of Comprehensive Evaluation of Private Schools in the City", and in 2021, it won the honorary title of "Advanced Collective" of private education in Henan Province.

    "Efficient classroom, characteristic school running, and refined management" will become the three strategies of Tianyuan School: efficient classroom will fully reflect the education concept of student oriented and promoting the improvement of core quality, so that students can speak, question, and explore boldly, fully tap students' potential, and develop their personality; The school will explore the characteristic way of running a school guided by art according to the student source foundation; Refined management is the key to the success of running a school and the basic principle we uphold.

    Today's Tianyuan School will take the transformation and development of senior high school as the guide, and is moving towards the direction of being energetic, vigorous, enterprising, and striving to be the first.

V.Tianyuan Overseas Industrial Development Center

Tianyuan Overseas Industrial Development Center is a sector of Tianyuan Industry which actively responds to the national "Belt and Road" strategy and opens up overseas markets. It is committed to investment in basic energy industry, trade in basic industry, industry consultation and so on. It set up the Indonesian Industrial Department, which is composed of Bakara Sustainable Energy Co., Ltd (Indonesia Joint Venture), Hong Kong (Indonesia) Shengfeng Bio-pesticide Company, Indonesia Yayuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2010, Bakara Sustainable Energy Co., Ltd. is a joint venture with Indonesia. It is located in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, and mainly engaged in the development and operation of small and micro hydropower stations. At present, We has invested $30 million in the Aksilang II 2*5MW Hydropower Station in Indonesia, which has been officially connected to the grid. It is the first example of Chinese private enterprises investing in the small and medium hydropower industry in Indonesia.

Hong Kong (Indonesia) Shengfeng Biological Pesticide Company was officially registered in Hong Kong in 2004 and its wholly owned subsidiary, Indonesia Shengfeng Biological Pesticide Corporation, was established in Jakarta, Indonesia in 2005. Shengfeng pesticide has 16 kinds of pesticide product qualification certificate and stable and strong customer group in Indonesia. It is   an important business segment of the overseas development strategy of the Industrial Group. The company will continue to cultivate the Indonesian pesticide market, expand its business scope and contribute to the development of the overseas market.

Yayuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a foreign company registered in Indonesia in 2019 by Tianyuan Industrial Group, headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia. Relying on the strong R & D power and technical support of Tianyuan Industry, the company is committed to becoming the first large integrated veterinary drug company in Indonesia with pure Chinese medicine as the core and integrated import, production, processing, promotion and export business. The company has reported to the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture, including traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine, feed additives and a total of 16 products. Now it officially launched the sales of local veterinary drugs in Indonesia.

Tianyuan Industrial Group is an enterprise with faith that listens to the party and follows the party. It is a caring and socially responsible enterprise. The group abides by the corporate mission of "serving the people's livelihood and contributing to the society", adhering to the business philosophy of "strenthening scientific management, building high-quality projects, creating high-quality services, and ensuring safety and efficiency". The group has formulated the "Six-Six Development Planning" in six stages from 2004 to 2040. Based on technological innovation, green environmental protection, serving the people's livelihood, the group is planning for the future of the enterprise, accelerating transformation and upgrading, promoting high-quality development, and realizing the bright dream of a century-old Tianyuan!

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